AEG ChillFlex Pro AXP34U338HW 1200 BTU/h Air Conditioning Unit - White

  • Warranty 1 years parts and labour,Subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

  • 1000 Watt power output
  • 3 speed settings to choose from
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Automatically adjusts temperatures to suit your needs
  • Can be operated by remote control
  • 1200BTU

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    • Warranty 1 years parts and labour,Subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:AXP34U338HW
    • SKU:100309452

    Create the perfect conditions for your home with this fantastic AEG air conditioner. Thanks to its 1000 Watt power output, it’ll circulate air in no time, whether you want to warm up on a winter’s day or stay cool in the summer. It does it efficiently too, as it has an A energy rating. With 3 speed settings, you can easily choose the ideal climate or, to make things easier, just select the auto function. This monitors the temperature in the room and adjusts the fan speed to suit, so you won’t have to worry about changing the programme. Then, when you need to turn it off, you can simply use the remote control without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

    AEG AXP34U338HW ChillFlex Pro Air Conditioning Unit

    Enjoy ideal conditions at home with the AEG AXP34U338HW ChillFlex Pro: a portable air-conditioner that maintains exactly the right temperature. Cool and fresh when it’s hot outside. Warm when it’s cold. It combines efficiency and elegance.


    The portable air-conditioner cools and heats efficiently with minimal energy consumption.


    Generates +30% more cooling capacity (vs 2600 W).


    The portable air-conditioner uses sustainable gas R290. Significantly reducing its global warming potential (GWP) by 99.8% in comparison to R410a. Achieving the optimal temperature without compromising green credentials.

    Key Specification
    • Energy class, heating: /
    • SecGenELDCool: A
    • Heating/cooling effect, kW: /
    • COP/SCOP: -/2.8
    • EER/SEER: 2.6/2.6
    • Operation Temperature: 16-32
    • Moisture removal, l/h: 1.6
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    • Energy class, heating: /
    • Heating/cooling effect, kW: /
    • COP/SCOP: -/2.8
    • EER/SEER: 2.6/2.6
    • Moisture removal, l/h: 1.6
    • Indoor air flow, m3/h: 386/327/305
    • Ambient temp, °C: 05-35
    • Heating capacity, W: 2.7
    • Cooling capacity, W: 3.4
    • Efficiency factor (COP-rated): 2.8