Denon DP29F Fully Automatic Stereo Hi-Fi Turntable With Built-in Phono Preamp - Silver

  • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

  • High quality aluminium platter - the precision-crafted die-cast aluminium platter guarantees a stable synchronism and superior sound quality during playback

  • Fully automatic system for easy operation - the DP-29F uses an automatic start/stop system. With a single button press you can playback start and stop. At the end of the record the player moves the tone arm to the starting position and the rotating turntable stops

  • Built-in Phono Equalizer as standard - the DP-29F has a phono equalizer equipped. This means you do not have to have a dedicated phono input on your amplifier or receiver

  • MM cartridge included

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    • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:DP29FE2GB
    • SKU:100313684

    Now's the time to put your vinyl records back into your listening rotation. The Denon DP-29F includes a built-in RIAA phono equalizer to hook it up to your system through a standard analog connection.

    The DP29F has been precision manufactured with rigid diecast aluminum to produce uniform inertial mass for perfectly stable turntable rotation, an essential component of high fidelity sound during playback. The turntable employs an automated system that starts playing the record with the single touch of a button and finishes play at the end of the record by returning the tone arm to its original position and stopping turntable rotation. This system ensures that you do not inadvertently scratch your records when you play them. There is also a manual lifter mechanism that allows you to place the needle on the record wherever you want, so you can skip to a song in the middle of a side.

    The DP-29F includes a built-in phono equalizer to connect the unit to an integrated amp that does not have its own equalizer. This turntable is powered by a DC servo motor and belt drive system and operated at the 33 1/3 or 45 rpm speed. It comes with an MM cartridge so that you can begin to enjoy your analogue record collection as soon as you connect the DP-29F to your home hi-fi system

    Motor: DC servo

    Belt drive system

    Bearing: metal

    Operation: automatic

    Straight tonearm

    Speeds: 33-1/3 & 45 RPM

    Wow & flutter: 0.15 % (WRMS)

    Phono EQ built-in (switchable)

    Stylus (MM) supplied

    Rated output: 2.5mV / 1kHz

    Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz

    Rated output phono EQ: 150mV / 1kHz

    Frequency range phono EQ: 20Hz - 20kHz

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 97 x 357mm

    Weight: 2.8kg

    Colour: silver

    Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years