Hama Wi-Fi SD/USB data reader for Apple devices (114978)

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  • Model:114978-SD-USB-CARD-READER
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"Your vacation was divine, and the pictures on your camera came out great, but how do you get them onto devices like the iPad, which doesn't have a USB port or a memory card slot? With Hama
  • Wi-Fi reader for SD cards and USB sticks, allows easy data transfer to an Apple device
  • Wireless access to an SD card and a USB stick via a smartphone, tablet PC, notebook and PC
  • Bridge mode for simultaneous access to data and the internet
  • Battery-operated for complete mobility: the battery can be charged using an USB cable
  • Ideal for Apple devices with no possibilities of connection: wireless access to the data, music, videos, photos, etc. on your SD memory cards and USB sticks
  • Also functions as memory expansion
  • Attach the card/the USB stick to the wi-fi data reader and then connect the terminal device to the wi-fi data reader using wi-fi
  • For playing music and videos, looking at photos and documents, or for easy data exchange between your terminal devices (without using iTunes)
  • Simple access for up to 5 terminal devices simultaneously using the terminal devices´ internet browser or using an app (Wi-Fi data reader app, only available for iPhone/iPad)
  • The wi-fi data reader must be connected to the internet via wi-fi or LAN to activate the bridge mode
  • Can also be used as a simple wi-fi repeater/router: the data reader has a LAN port which allows you to set up an Internet connection also with an iPhone and iPad, this is very practical e.g. in a hotel room with only LAN
  • When switched off, the device functions as a standard card reader for SD memory cards (connection via USB 2.0 cable)
  • All standard USB sticks and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards are supported, as well as mSD, mSDHC and mSDXC when using an adapter (not included)
  • System requirement (operating system): Apple iOS 5.0 and higher
  • Note: there is a free Wi-Fi data reader app, which is available for download from the Apple Store. The data reader can also be used with Android. Simply connect by LAN or WLAN and enter the address of your data reader in the address line. This will give you instant access
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