iRobot Braava Jet 250 Cordless Robot Mop

  • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

Tackles dirt and stains on hard floors*
Superior Robot Mop with Precision Jet Spray* and Vibrating Cleaning Head help tackle dirt and stains. *Tested in wet mode on dried coffee and soda.
• Navigates hard-to-reach places.  
Gets into hard-to-reach places, including under and around toilets, into corners, and below cabinets, using an efficient, systematic cleaning pattern. Navigates under and around objects and furniture.
• Attach a pad and just press CLEAN.
Automatically selects the correct cleaning mode based on the Braava jet pad type. Choose from wet mopping, damp mopping and dry sweeping. For long-lasting scent, add Braava jet™ Hard Floor Cleaning Solution.
• Great for kitchens and bathrooms.
Mops and sweeps finished hard floors including hardwood, tile, and stone. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
• Maximized-Edge Design.
Maximized-Edge Design gets into corners and along edges. Cleans under furniture and in other hard-to-reach places.

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    • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:BRAAVA250JET
    • SKU:100317142

    The iRobot Braava jet mopping Robot tackles dirt and stains in small spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. Designed to wet mop, damp sweep, or dry sweep hard floors.

    The Vibrating Cleaning Head and Braava jet pads tackle dirt and stains. * Attach a Braava Jet Cleaning Pad and just press CLEAN. Braava jet automatically selects the correct cleaning mode based on pad type.

    Compact size, with Maximised-Edge Design and seamless navigation, helps Braava jet clean floors thoroughly, even in hard-to-reach places, including into corners and below cabinets.

    Precision Jet Spray loosens dirt and sticky mess without spraying furniture, rugs, or walls.

    Makes hard floor cleaning easy Designed to mop and sweep finished hard floors including hardwood, tile, and stone.

    Daily dust and dirt can make keeping up with cleaning your home feel like a never-ending task. The iRobot Braava jet 250 delivers fresh, clean floors every day. With its compact, smart design and iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system, Braava jet 250 mops and sweeps hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets. Just attach a Braava jet Cleaning Pad and the robot mop automatically customizes cleaning based on pad type. In wet mopping and damp sweeping modes, the Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head tackle dirt and stains. In dry sweeping mode, Braava jet traps and locks away dust, dirt, and pet hair. The floor mopping robot cleans hard floors, including hardwood, tile, and stone.

    Manufacturer: iRobot
    Model description: iRobot Braava jet 250
    Recommended up to (approx.): 25 m² (dry) / 20 m² (wet)
    Dimensions (approx.): 17.0 x 17.8 x 8.4 cm
    Weight (approx.): 1.2 kg
    Time and week programming: No
    Programming/controlling the app: Yes
    Remote control: Not included
    Cleaning settings: Wet, Damp, Dry
    Navigation: iAdapt® 2.0
    Charging time (approx.): 2 h
    Rechargeable battery life (approx.): 1 h
    Charging station: Not included
    Guarantee on the product: 2 years
    Guarantee on the rechargeable battery: 1 year
    Type of rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion
    Cleaning Type: Only mopping
    Mopping: Dry and wet
    Boundary: Virtual Wall (only via app)
    Volume (approx.): not specified
    Plug for UK: included
    Special features:

    • Precision jet spray
    • 3 cleaning modes 
    • App control