KEF E305-WHITE 5.1ch Home Theatre Speaker Set

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  • Warranty 2 Year Guarantee
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The latest version of KEF's award winning "Egg" style home cinema speaker package. You can also add additional stereo pairs for 7.1 or 9.1 channels and as well as each speaker being wall mountable, we also sell matching floor stands.

Product Description

KEF E305 is a flawlessly stable, impeccably cohesive premium 5.1 system based on KEF’s 4.25” Uni-Q driver arrangement and an exceptional corresponding subwoofer. The E305 home theatre system outdoes the opposition with a spacious, rich and natural performance that encompasses the original performance.

4.25" Driver Array

The outstanding hi-fi reproduction of the E305 is due to KEF's signature Uni-Q driver, initially developed for the prized Q Series. With notably wide dispersion traits and sonic clarity, this technology is responsible for the astonishingly realistic sound quality.

Uni-Q Tweeter

To avoid distortion caused by pressure behind the dome, the tweeter is vented enabling the critical vocal region response to remain intricately detailed with every nuance. KEF’s ‘tangerine’ waveguide encourages even dispersion increasing the sensitivity of the tweeter for a more life-like performance throughout the listening position.

Uni-Q MF/LF driver

Comprising a more robust material than is conventional, the aluminium midrange cone functions tightly over the complete vocal array for even and clean midrange reproduction that replicates voices with great precision.

Alongside KEF’s Z-flex cone surround, it enables full excursion of the cone while giving a level surface for the tweeter production to pass over without disruption or deflection effects. The undercut magnet driver mechanism, normally only used in premium speakers, lowers midrange bias by producing a very regular magnetic field, subsequent transparency creates the sense of ‘being there’.


Designed from inception as an individual flawlessly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and drive units operating harmoniously, the E301 earns its class-leading status for more than just its great driver. To prevent consequential radiation and cabinet saturation, the structure is reinforced with inner ribbing and stifling technologies to warrant audio clarity free from surplus resonances. The truncated diffusion cabinets are shrewdly planned to reduce trickle of the output, so there is nothing added or subtracted from the sound from the driver.


For optimal bass performance, the E305 sub flawlessly integrates within this home cinema system, delivering the sound of five full-range speakers. The phase response and frequency are matched with care to even the transition; You don’t hear where the satellite stops and the sub starts. With a huge, dynamic motor system driving a long throw 8” cone, LF stays poised and faithfully precise, even at high volume. The built-in pre-amp allows for markedly cleaner and more exact LF reproduction is derived from a Linkwitz Transform circuit to lower any group-delay in the signal that could murk the bass.

Extremely Iconic

KEF’s award-winning novel KEF KHT2005 and 3005 ‘egg’ system reformed home theatre with its immensely precise 3D sound from distinct mini speakers crammed with exclusive technologies. Remodelled to exploit design advances from KEF’s most stylish audiophile speakers, the all-new E305 structure raises standard higher – at a very reasonable price. The silky matt surface is supplemented by satin chrome cast aluminium cores that simply revolve to form wall braces. Elegant custom-made stands are also obtainable to aid placing around the listening situation.

Extremely Simple

E305 is created to make life easier and music playback more enjoyable. Simply connect to any AV receiver which also switches the production level of the subwoofer. With no special tools or skills required, you’ll set up your system for optimum performance in no time. Whether it’s on the desk, on wall or floor stands, set-up couldn’t be simpler.

  • PRODUCT EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 624 x 415 x 542 (mm)
    WEIGHT 19.3kg




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    Tech Specs

    Model: E301/ E301c
    - Design: Two-way bass reflex
    - Drive units: Uni-Q driver array
    - HF: 19mm vented aluminium dome
    - MF: 115mm (4.25") aluminium
    - Freq range (-6dB): 80Hz – 45kHz
    - Freq response (±3dB): 90Hz - 33kHz
    - Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz
    - Amp requirements: 10 - 100W
    - Sensitivity: (2.83V/1m) 86dB
    - Harmonic distortion: <1% 100Hz – 40kHz
    - Maximum output (SPL): 109dB
    - Nominal impedance: 8Ω (min 3.4 Ω)
    - Internal volume: 1.5 Litres
    - E301 (HWD): 157 x 220 x 155mm
    - E301c (HWD): 260 x 136 x 159mm
    - Weight: 2.4kg (5.3 lbs.)


    Model: E-2
    - Design: Powered Subwoofer
    - LF Drive unit: 200mm
    - Freq range (-6dB): 33Hz – 280Hz
    - Amplifier: 250W built-in Class-D
    - Maximum output (SPL): 102dB
    - Low pass filter: Fixed 250Hz, 2nd-order
    - Low level in: RCA phono socket
    - Enclosure type: Sealed
    - Internal volume: 14.7Litres
    - Power requirements: 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
    - Power consumption: 250VA
    - Dimensions (HWD): 320 x 430 x 270mm
    - Weight: 7.25kg (16lbs.)

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