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  • Model:KHIAF86500
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This induction hob gives you all the power and space you need to create outstanding dishes, thanks to: - 8 Induction zones - 8 Independent zones - Large cooking area: 65 cm It can be installed perfectly flush with your worktop, to create sleek design solutions that are completely in keeping with the style of your kitchen, and it offers several distinctive features: - French Plaque: divides the hob into three or four zones, and activates them simultaneously at a pre-set power level. Pans can be moved from one area to another without needing to interact with the user interface, so dishes can continue cooking at different temperatures for added flexibility. - Dynamic Sensor function: speeds up the boiling process, alerting you when a pan reaches boiling point, and automatically adjusts the power to maintain the temperature and avoid spillages. - Dynamic Surface: gives you space and freedom to express your culinary creativity as you cook across the entire cooking top. Pots and pans can be freely moved across the surface, and with the temperature evenly distributed, it offers an extremely efficient way of cooking. With this cutting-edge hob you can also enjoy the invaluable support of a sous-chef, just like in professional kitchens. The Sous-Chef feature provides feedback via a user interface and step-by-step guidance through several functions (Boiling, Simmering, Keep Warm, Melting, Moka, Griddle, Pan Fry, Deep Frying). Sensors detect pan temperature, adjust it to the selected program and constantly adjust the power level to cook even the most delicate and most demanding dishes. Different power levels can be automatically selected and used simultaneously, offering an easy way to cook dishes at the same time. The clear and intuitive display features a slider for easy and direct control over each cooking zone and a Gourmet Library function that guides you as you create mouth-watering dishes.

  • Built-in  Construction Type
  • Electric Energy input
  • Front Location of control panel
  • Power on indicator
  • Timer
  • Main on/off switch
  • Separate Residual heat indicator
    Brand KitchenAid
    Width of the product 650
    Depth of the product 510
    Height of the product 57
    Net weight (kg) 13.8
    Current (A) 32,2
    Electrical connection rating (W) 7400
    Niche depth 480
    Maximum niche width 562
    Construction Type Built-in
    Energy input Electric
    Minimum niche width 560
    Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 170
    Location of control panel Front
    Number of electric cooking zones 8
    Power on indicator Yes
    Timer Yes
    Type of control Electronic
    Residual heat indicator Separate
    Number of induction plates 8
    Main on/off switch Yes


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