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Miele Freezers

Miele Freezers

NoFrost - No more defrosting

With the NoFrost system you will never have to defrost your refrigerator again. The no-frost system distributes cold, dry air evenly so that ice cannot form in the interior cabinet. In addition, no ice forms on the frozen food and the drawers can always be opened and closed easily without a bothersome layer of ice. NoFrost offers excellent convenience when freezing and saves you the task of defrosting - forever.

SoftClose - Gently self-closing refrigerator and freezer doors

With SoftClose, the innovative closing system from Miele, regrigerator and freezer doors close softly. At an angle of less than 30º, the door closes automatically. No more clinking bottles in the door shelves.

VarioRoom - Variable use of the freezer compartment

You can increase the size of the freezer section as needed thanks to the variable space design: VarioRoom. This is very useful if you want to store large frozen items, for instance. The drawers and glass shelves can be easily removed so you instantly can create as much space as you need.