Miele Classic C1 Junior Power Line Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 4.5 L, 1400 W - Red (Manufacturer Refurbished)

  • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

  • Manufacturer refurbished: good as new condition

  • Lightweight and easy to manuever around the home with a compact design that makes it easy to store away

  • Fitted with easy-to-use rotary dials so that you can quickly adjust the power settings according to the task at hand

  • A generous 9m operating radius

  • A powerful 1400W motor for an exceptional clean

  • Built and tested to last

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    • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • SKU:100294157

    This Miele Classic C1 PowerLine cylinder vacuum cleaner provides optimal cleaning performance and hygienic filtration and is an ideal choice for first-time buyers looking for a powerful and cost efficient appliance

    Featuring a 1400W motor, the Classic C1 PowerLine is designed for suction, making it a more powerful cleaner. The smooth running floorhead has been designed to be tough and hardwearing at the same time as being gentle on all areas in the home

    A lightweight design and a 9M operating radius allows you to clean around your home without the inconvenience of switching sockets, and an easily storable Easylock tube makes practicable use of smaller storage spaces. The six stage rotary dial makes changing the power settings between floor surfaces easy

    The lightweight and compact Miele Classic C1 Junior PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner offers great cleaning power across your home.

    Multi-surface cleaning

    With a range of features to make vacuuming quicker, easier and more thorough, the bagged Classic C1 is suitable for use on all floor types.  Incredibly light, it's easy to manoeuvre and store away.

    Its six-stage rotary dial lets you choose the cleaning mode best suited to the task at hand for super efficient results across carpets and hard floors. There are also three handy accessories to assist with above floor cleaning.

    Removes fine dust particles

    Engineered with nine layers of filtration, the Classic C1 Junior PowerLine retains dust particles and keeps them trapped inside its HyClean 3D dustbag. The intelligent auto-shut mechanism automatically closes the bag when the vacuum cleaner is opened, preventing any dust from escaping back into the air.

    What's more, the multi-stage Active Air Filter ensures dust, allergens and odours are captured and contained, leaving your home looking and smelling cleaner.

    Robust design

    Like all Miele products, the Classic C1 has been carefully tested and designed to last. This vacuum cleaner will stand the test of time and deliver incredible performance that you can rely on.

    Vacuum bags

    Don't forget additional dustbags for your bagged vacuum cleaner so you can easily replace a full bag.

    Along with 1400 W of power, the Miele Classic C1 Junior PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner has a 9-metre operating radius and 5-metre power cable to give you effortless cleaning every day.

    MIELE Classic C1 Junior PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Red, Capacity: 4.5 litres, Weight: 4.3 kg, Carpet performance: C, Cord length: 5.5 m

    Type Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    Brand Miele
    Model Classic C1 Junior PowerLine
    Colour Autumn Red
    Maximum Power (W) 1400
    Varible Power Controls Dial
    Dustbag Capacity (litres) 4.5
    Suction Tube Stainless Steel Telescopic Tube
    Weight (kg) 4.3
    Exhaust Filter AirClean
    Operating Radius (metres) 9
    Cable Length (metres) 5.5
    Floor Head Universal
    Automatic Cable Rewind Yes
    Integrated Tools Yes
    Electronic Suction Power Control Yes
    Ergonomic Carrying Handle Yes
    Silence System Yes
    Park System For Vacuuming Breaks Yes
    Dusting Brush Yes with Synthetic Bristles
    Upholstery Nozzle Yes
    Crevice Nozzle Yes
    Type of Dustbag HyClean GN
    Energy Efficiency Class F
    Carpet Cleaning Class C
    Dust Emission Class B
    Hard Floor Cleaning Class C
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 53.2
    Noise Level (dB) 79
    Nominal Power Consumption (W) 1300