Miele HyClean 4D Smell Protect Efficiency GN Dust Bag Pack (4 Dust Bags + 2 Filters)

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4 key benefits to 4D


A clear reduction in unpleasant odours is achieved by the use of active charcoal in combination with the patented Puzzle filter inside the bag:

- The active charcoal granules lock in bad odours

- The Puzzle filter ensures effective distribution of the   active charcoal granules inside the bag


Filtration performance in the AirClean system remains unchanged at > 99.9 % and so guarantees excellent pick-up of dust and safe dust retention. 

This means: Only the use of the Original Miele AirClean system guarantees optimum filtration performance as shown on the energy label in the form of emissions values.


The technical optimisation of the HyClean 4D means that they will help reduce costs even when used with an older appliance.

For the low-wattage appliances with the new energy label (from 1st September), only HyClean 4D bags will guarantee the values as shown on the energy label.


The new HyClean 4D have a 20 % longer useful life than current HyClean dustbags thanks to:

1. Particularly large volume with a new double side fold for optimum use of the whole dustbag area

2. The newly-patented Puzzle filter offers additional surface and In particular a large capacity for storage of extremely fine particles

3. The use of a number of layers of  materials ensures effective storage and safe retention of dust particles.


  • Genuine Miele 4D Smell Protect Dust Bag and filter kit
  • Each box contains 4 original Miele HyClean GN dust bags and 2 original Miele Air Clean filters
  • This product is colour coded blue, and is suitable for use in the following series of Miele vacuum cleaners:
  • S8: S8000 - S8999
  • S5: S5000 - S5999
  • S2: S2000 - S2999
  • S800 - S858
  • S600 - S658
  • S400i - S456i
  • Complete C3
  • Complete C2
  • Classic C1

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