Miele TCB140WP 7kg Heat Pump Dryer with LED Lightinge

  • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

  • Savings for the life of your tumble dryer - EcoDry technology
  • Fragrant laundry just the way you like it – FragranceDos
  • Precision drying of all textiles – Perfect Dry
  • Perfect protection for rooms and furniture - best condensation effect
  • Easy fingertip operation - DirectSensor

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    • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:TCB140WP
    • SKU:100314310

    The Miele TCB140 T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer is finished in Lotus White, its equipped with Miele's Direct Sensor for easy operation and can take a load of up to 7kg. Putting efficiency first the TC140 has an A++ energy class. other smart features include Fragrance Dosing, PerfectDry and EcoDry.

    Boasting a large 9kg capacity and energy-efficient heat pump technology, the Miele TCJ660WP is a fantastic choice for the environmentally conscious household. With a selection of 18 programmes and various options, such as anti-crease, your clothes will be cared for gently, with no heat damage or loss of shape. Control the dryer using your mobile device and enjoy fresh fragrances with the FragranceDos system.

    The Miele TCB140WP 7kg Heat Pump Dryer with LED Lighting ensures your clothes will be dried to the highest standard aswell as cared for during each cycle.

    The impressive 7kg load capacity allows you to dry more clothes in just the one cycle which will help you save money on your energy bills and also saves you time having to do more than one cycle.

    As this model is a Heat Pump Model it will work the same as a condenser dryer but is able to use 50% less electricity making it kinder to the environment. It will also give you a few extra options when it comes to placing your new dryer as it gives off much less moisture and heat emissions.

    With PerfectDry technology this dryer will detect the mineral content of your water and then adjust the programme durations to ensure there is no overheating your clothes giving them the protection they deserve. Another handy feature is the AddLoad feature which is displayed on the control panel it allows you to add missed pieces of clothing into a cycle even when it has already started.

    Thanks to FragranceDos your senses will go into overdrive not only will your clothes come out of the dryer bouncy but also beautifully fragranced thanks to the choice of 5 different scents available. You have the choice of 12 drying programmes for all of your daily drying needs and there are also specialist programmes such as shirts outerwear and proofing for all your other needs..

    Fragrant laundry just the way you like it.
    With the Miele fragrance flacons – in 5 different fragrances – you can transmit your favourite scent to your laundry during drying. A family-run company in the south of France, which has been creating perfumes since 1871, produces fragrances for Miele. Using a patented process, their perfume specialists ensure that the essential oils in the perfume are preserved. The result: fresh laundry with a natural fragrance that lasts for up to 4 weeks.

    Precise drying thanks to mineral sensors
    With this patented system, laundry dries perfectly – even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. This is not the norm on machines without Perfect Dry as the calcium content in water influences residual moisture sensing – and impacts drying results. Perfect Dry adjusts the drying process precisely to suit the current calcium content of the water. This ensures that the selected drying level is always achieved.

    Economical and environmentally friendly drying
    This is how environmentally friendly a tumble dryer can be: all Miele heat-pump dryers achieve at least the A++ energy efficiency class, and the best ones are even 10 % more energy-efficient than the value (24) required to achieve the best energy efficiency rating A+++. This saves you money and you can dry your laundry with a clear conscience.

    Reliable down to the last detail
    In Miele heat-pump dryers, the heat exchanger is protected by an effective filtration system and does not require cleaning. This ensures that energy consumption stays low continually for the complete service life of the appliance.

    Savings for the life of your tumble dryer
    Miele EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented1 Miele filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff cannot clog up the heat exchanger, which can cause blockages and reduce power output over time.

    Miele T1 Chrome Edition Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

    Key Information

    • Energy Efficiency Rating: A+++
    • Condensation Efficiency Rating: A
    • Drying Load Capacity: 9 kg
    • Noise Level: 64 dB

    Construction Type

    • Can Be Built-Under
    • Door Hinge: Left
    • Side-By-Side
    • Slot-In
    • Suitable For Stacking


    • Heat Pump Dryer
    • Product Brand: T1 Chrome Edition


    • Appliance Colour: Lotus White
    • Control Panel Colour: Lotus White
    • Control Panel Version: Straight
    • Control Type: Rotary Selector
    • Display: DirectSensor White, 1 Line
    • Door Design: Graphite Grey PearlFinish
    • Rotary Selector Colour: Lotus White / Chrome Ring

    Drying Results

    • Fragrancedos²
    • Intelligent Drum Reversal
    • Perfect Dry

    Gentle Laundry Care

    • Honeycomb Drum

    User Convenience

    • Acoustics Package For The Lowest Sound Emissions
    • Condensate Container
    • Delay Start Up To 24 Hours
    • Drum Lighting: Led
    • Integrated Condensed Water Drainage
    • MultiLingua
    • Time Left Display

    Efficiency & Sustainability

    • Duration In The Standard Programme: 208 Minutes
    • EcoDry Technology
    • EcoFeedback Function
    • Energy Consumption In The Cottons Normal Dry Standard Programme With A Full Load: 1.63 kWh
    • Maintenance-Free Heat Exchanger
    • ProfiEco Motor

    Drying Programmes

    • Number Of Drying Programmes: 18
    • Automatic Plus
    • Basket Programme
    • Bed Linen
    • Cool Air
    • Cottons (Coloureds)
    • Delicates
    • Denim
    • Express
    • Minimum Iron
    • Outerwear
    • Pre-Ironing
    • Proofing
    • Shirts
    • Silks Handcare
    • Sportswear
    • Standard Pillows
    • Warm Air
    • Woollens Handcare

    Drying Options

    • Anti-Crease
    • Buzzer
    • Freshen Up
    • Gentle Tumble

    Appliance Networking

    • [email protected]
    • MobileControl
    • [email protected]


    • Soft Ribs
    • Tested For The Equivalent Of 20 Years Use


    • "Clean Filter" Indication
    • "Empty Out Container" Indicator
    • Optical Interface
    • Pin Code Lock

    Technical Data

    • Appliance Depth Excluding Door (For Building-Under): 600 mm
    • Appliance Depth With Opened Door: 105.4 cm
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Fuse Rating: 13 A
    • Length Of Supply Lead: 200 cm
    • Total Rated Load: 1.10 kW
    • Voltage: 220-240 V

    Standard Accessories

    • Fragrance Flacon (Optional)