Miele 100324040 UltraPhase 2 Sensitive 2-component detergent for whites and coloured items.

Key Features

  • No fragrances or colourants – particularly kind to the skin
  • Eco-friendliness verified by Nordic Swan
  • Excellent stain removal – even at low temperatures
  • Highly effective – for 63 washes
  • For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos

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    Miele TwinDos Campaign UltraPhase Sensitive cartridges

    Miele TwinDos Sensitive cartridges have been specially formulated to work perfectly with Miele TwinDos washing machines. Miele’s UltraPhase 1 Sensitive detergent is released early on in the washing process. It’s been designed to help lift tough stains and dried-on dirt out of the fabric to leave your clothes looking great.

    UltraPhase 2 Sensitive Booster detergent is released later in the wash cycle. Formulated to remove any stains or dirt left in the fabric, it will help to ensure that your clothes come out looking and smelling clean every time.

    Unlike other washing detergents, Miele’s TwinDos Sensitive detergent comes in specially designed 1.4l cartridges. These are inserted into the appliance and carefully measured doses of the detergents are released at just the right points of the cycle. This precision helps to ensure clothes are washed perfectly every time and ensures you only use the exact amount of detergent necessary in each wash.

    This Campaign Pack provides you with three UltraPhase 1 Sensitive cartridges and two UltraPhase 2 Sensitive TwinDos detergent cartridges. Each UltraPhase 1 Sensitive cartridge will last up to 36 washes, while UltraPhase 2 Sensitive cartridges last around 50 washes.

    Type Booster Detergent Cartridge
    Brand Miele
    Model UltraPhase 2 Sensitive
    Also known as: 10795780

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