Montpellier OneStream-Brushed Steel Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap, Tank & Filter

  • Warranty 5 Year Guarantee

Key Features

  • 360 degree spout rotation allows for easy use and accessibility
  • Stylish dispenser delivering 98 C near boiling filtered water
  • Dual stage handle mechanism on the hot handle has been designed with safety and ease of use in mind
  • Metal Construction Throughout
  • Filter Cartridge Included
  • Installation Kit and Filter Cartridge Include
  • Simple Twist Feature Delivers Filtered Water
  • Boiler Included (Boil3) - 2 Year Guarantee
  • Overall height / Projection - 273mm
  • Exit spout reach - 108mm
  • Exit spout height - 195mm
  • Base diameter - 46mm
  • Recommended hole diameter: 35mm
  • Max. surface depth - 55mm
  • Spout diameter - 20mm
  • Spout aerator size - M18 x1 Mal
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    • Warranty 5 Year Guarantee
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     This instant hot tap is designed to be a dedicated instant hot water tap, separate from your main tap and ideal if you are worried about children using it.


    The tank keeps water at 98°C (near boiling) so you never have to wait for a kettle to boil again, plus the boiler has a filter and you'll really notice the difference when making a cup of tea compared to your scaly old kettle.


    Aside from your teas and coffees, the Montpellier OneStream is great for food preparation, cooking and cleaning around the house and the 360 degree spout makes it easier to fill up pots and pans.


    This OneStream tap has a dual stage mechanism on the handle to make it difficult to accidentally turn the tap on and there are no cables making it safer than a kettle.


    The Boil3 tank sits underneath your worktop and simply plugs into your mains as a 3 pin plug comes fitted and if you're worried about energy consumption, if you regularly fill and heat a kettle it actually can work out cheaper to keep the water at a constant high temperature, much the same way you wouldn't use an electric shower to fill a bath tub.

    If you love tea and coffee, The One Stream Hot Tap in chrome  will make light work of it. Instead of waiting 3 minutes a day (or 18 hours a year!) for the kettle to boil, you simply twist a handle and you have instant hot water. It’s as simple as that. There’s no waiting around, just instant hot water as and when you want it. 
    And the great thing is, a boiling water tap doesn’t just have to be used to make hot drinks. Need to steam some vegetables? Want to whip up a quick pasta dish? 
    All of these are possible to do simply by turning the handle on a tap, and all in a fraction of the time it would take you to boil a kettle. 
    The One Stream hot tap has a swan spout and delivers 98°C near boiling water. Do away with your kettle and save yourself time, energy and money.
    Easy installation of the boiler which fits neatly in a unit under the sink.
    5 Year Guarantee on the tap and 2 years on the boiler.
    Available in Brushed Steel & Chrome


    Tap features:

    • Stylish dispenser delivering 98°C near boiling filtered water.
    • Dual stage handle mechanism on the hot handle has been designed with safety and ease of use in mind
    • 360 degree spout rotation allows for easy use and accessibility
    • Metal construction throughout
    • Modern style
    • Boil3 Included
    • Overall height / Projection - 273mm
    • Exit spout reach - 108mm
    • Exit spout height - 195mm
    • Base diameter - 46mm
    • Recommended hole diameter: 35mm
    • Max. surface depth - 55mm
    • Spout diameter - 20mm
    • Spout aerator size - M18 x1 Mal


    Boil3 Tank Features:

    • Descale Inlet
    • Compact Size
    • Filtered Water Inlet
    • 98C Water Outlet
    • Temperature range: 65-98C
    • Safety Steam Vent to Standard Dishwasher Connection
    • 2 Litre Tank
    • UK Manufactured
    • Height: 25.7 cm
    • Width: 21. 7cm
    • Depth: 17.5 cm
    • Style: Compact Boiler
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Weight Full: 4.7kg
    • Weight Empty: 2.8kg
    • Inlet Connection 1/4" Push Fit
    • Boiler Outlet: 8mm plain shank
    • Drain Valve: 3/8" BSPP Thread
    • Flow Rate: 1.8 Litres/minutes
    • Time to fill (from empty) 1 minute
    • Time to heat up from cold: 12 minutes
    • Recovery time: 8 minutes

    Overall Height/Projection (mm)


    Exit Spout Reach (mm)


    Exit Spout Height (mm)


    Base Dimension (mm)


    Recommended Hole Diameter (mm)


    Max Surface Diameter (mm)


    Spout Diameter (mm)


    Min Hot Water Pressure (bar)


    Product Flow Characteristics

    Dual Flow

    Aerator Type

    Neopearl Aerator Honeycombe

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