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Liebherr ICBc5182 Peak 254 Litre Integrated Fridge-Freezer with BioFresh Professional and SmartFrost - 55.9cm Wide

Liebherr ICBc5182 Peak 254 Litre Integrated Fridge-Freezer with BioFresh Professional and SmartFrost - 55.9cm Wide

Model: ICBC5182
SKU: 100352401
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Liebherr ICBc5182 Peak 254 Litre Integrated Fridge-Freezer with BioFresh Professional and SmartFrost - 55.9cm Wide
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Liebherr ICBc5182 Peak 254 Litre Integrated Fridge-Freezer with BioFresh Professional and SmartFrost - 55.9cm Wide
Key Features
2 years parts and labour (Subject to registration)
Key Features
  • Bio fresh Professional with Hydro breeze
  • Duo Cooling
  • No Frost
  • Infinity Spring

The Liebherr ICBC5182 Peak is an integrated fridge freezer with the latest innovations. Complete with a spacious 254 Litre capacity, this brilliant appliance offers plenty of room for all your essentials. If you prefer the minimalist look in your kitchen, this integrated fridge freezer is a great choice. Neatly hidden by your kitchen cabinetry, you can keep your chilled and frozen goods safely stored but out of sight. The elegant design of the fridge freezer will add a unique touch to your kitchen, and offer everything you need to store your groceries in the best conditions.

This exceptional refrigerator has been designed with the best technology to provide you with perfect refrigeration results. This refrigerator includes Liebherr’s outstanding HydroBreeze feature. In the BioFresh compartments, the cold mist combined with a temperature of around 0°C will supply your food with the extra boost needed for a longer shelf life. HydroBreeze will activate every 90 minutes for 4 seconds and for 8 seconds when the door is opened.

The Fish and Seafood Safe will store your fish and seafood at the ideal temperature of -2°C. You can adjust the size of the -2°C zone whenever you require, and can store the remaining meat and dairy products at the optimum temperature 0°C. The LED display will indicate when the -2°C zone is currently active.

Equipped with Liebherr’s BioFresh safes, your delicate foods will stay fresh and protected for longer. The Fruit and Vegetable Safe can be used to store your fresh produce, and the temperature inside is kept close to 0°C. In combination with the consistent humidity, you can unpack your fruit and vegetables due to the compartments being air-tight closed. And you do not have to adjust anything.

There is also a BioFresh safe for Meat and Dairy products in this appliance which is a great feature to have. The temperature inside the safe is close to 0°C which is the ideal storage conditions for delicate foods. Everything is completely adjusted in the factory to enable you to immediately use the BioFresh compartment, and for guaranteed prolonged freshness. 

The effortless telescopic rails will slide the BioFresh safes gently towards you and extend fully so you will be provided with the best overview of your stored items.

The bright LED BioFresh lighting will enable you to easily see your delicate stored items inside the compartments. The lighting is positioned centrally above the safes and supplemented by LED light columns on both sides.

This fridge freezer is equipped with Liebherr’s DuoCooling system which is two separate cooling circuits that accurately control the temperature of the fridge and freezer compartments. There is no air exchange between these compartments which stops odours from being transferred and stored food is saved from drying out.

This appliance features a Separate Temperature Control to regulate the separate refrigeration circuits. This enables you to manage the temperatures in the fridge and freezer compartments independently of each other, and you can choose exactly the right temperature for your food in every situation. This feature is straightforward to use and extremely reliable.

With Liebherr’s high-performance PowerCooling system, your freshly stored food can be speedily cooled down. The powerful yet quiet fan creates an even cooling temperature throughout the interior of the appliance. 

This appliance features a FreshAir activated charcoal filter which keeps the fridge freezer smelling fresh at all times by stopping odours from developing and spreading. The activated carbon filters enable the fresh air to be circulating the interior. The filter is located on the air flow in the fan housing and the display will remind you when you need to change the filter. 

The freezer compartment includes Liebherr’s SmartFrost technology which now makes defrosting easy. This intelligent technology will reduce ice build-up on the interior walls and your frozen goods for safe storage and lower electricity consumption. The interior walls are therefore smooth and easy to clean.

With the clever, automatic SuperFrost function, freshly stored food can be frozen speedily. The freezer will increase the cooling capacity keeping the temperature inside consistent to create the cold air required to help food maintain it’s vitamins. Once the food is completely frozen, the automatic function will switch back to normal mode to help save electricity. This will happen after a maximum of 65 hours.

The intelligent automatic SuperCool function will lower your refrigerator temperature down and increase the performance of your appliance for up to 12 hours, before switching off automatically. This is ideal for speedily cooling freshly stored food.

Liebherr’s Cold Storage Accumulators are an excellent feature in this appliance. In the event of a power failure, they will keep your frozen food cold for a period of time. And when you are out, the accumulators will keep your food and drinks chill. 

With the removable individual freezer drawers and horizontal glass dividers below them, this freezer offers you extra storage space for larger items. This is Liebherr’s VarioSpace system which is the practical solution for storage.

The VarioBoxes ensure you can easily find the small items in your fridge freezer. You can organise and arrange items inside the door to suit your needs, and the transparent design means you can clearly see your stored essentials. The boxes are simple to remove, and with the pull-out stop, you will not lose any items.

Liebherr’s FlexSystem enables you to easily keep your small and delicate fruit safe. The two flexible positionable boxes in the BioFresh Safe will protect your items, including even the smallest raspberry from bruising or from being mixed up with other foods.

You can easily adjust the heights of the glass shelves to meet your requirements and offer you more storage space. The convenient height adjustment allows you to quickly and individually modify your shelves, even with food stored on the shelves.

The separable glass shelves will enable you to store tall containers and larger items. Simply slide the front half of the glass shelf under the back half so you can place the higher containers at the front. And you are still provided with plenty of space for other food items.

The height-adjustable door shelves enable you to store goods safely and reach items easily wherever you require, thanks to the safety glass shelves and stainless steel rails. The handy, sliding removable bottle holder guarantees to securely hold your beverages.

This impressive refrigerator can provide plenty of space for a baking tray. So if you have prepared a pizza to bake later, you can place it in your fridge on it’s baking tray ready for you. You can slide the tray in and out when the door is opened at 90° enabling convenience for you.

The BottleTimer is a fantastic feature in this appliance. By activating SuperFrost, this feature will provide safe, extra quick cooling for your wine and beverages. Once the bottle has reached the optimum temperature, your fridge freezer will notify you via the app to remove the bottle from the ice compartment.

A helpful Butter Dish is available with this appliance which has been elegantly designed to fit perfectly inside the refrigerator door. With the transparent lid, you can clearly see how much butter is left. The lid and base section interlock so you can carry the dish by holding the lid with one hand and it is secure. The dish is also dishwasher-safe.

The ice cube tray has a useful lid which will prevent spills once you have filled the tray. You can easily fill the tray with water through the opening, and features a measuring line to show you the ideal amount of water. This tray offers you to produce up to 32 chilled ice cubes effortlessly.

The all-round ambient lighting in this refrigerator creates unique effects in the interior. With the rear wall in SmartSteel design and the black high-gloss fan, you can produce an atmospheric ambience.

This refrigerator is fully illuminated with Liebherr’s LightTower. The LightTower displays the food in it’s best light and is arranged to make sure that your filled fridge is illuminated at all times. It is flush mounted into the side walls, offering more space for your food.

The LED freezer compartment lighting will ensure that your freezer drawers are pleasantly lit so you can easily see your stored essentials. The energy-efficient LED unit is neatly positioned above the freezer drawers to provide you with more storage space.

The interior of the appliance is part of Liebherr’s SmartSteel design. The stainless-steel finish on the inside of the door and rear wall creates a classy appearance, a hygienically clean appliance and will keep your food safe. This outstanding material remarkably reduces the visibility of fingerprints, further providing a sleek, clean look. 

This Liebherr appliance will enable you to save energy and money with the handy EnergySaver mode. When this mode is switched on, the standard temperature in the appliance increases by two degrees, meaning your fridge freezer needs less power and your stored items stay fresh.

With the PartyMode function, your Liebherr fridge freezer is perfect for when you have guests. Once the PartyMode is switched on, it will provide ice-cold drinks as the function activates features in the appliance such as SuperCool and SuperFrost to provide maximum cold production. After 24 hours, the fridge freezer will automatically switch back to it’s normal mode.

This fridge freezer includes HolidayMode which switches off the fan and SuperCool function, and regulates the appliance’s temperature to +15°C. This is to save electricity but also stop unpleasant odours from forming and spreading in the refrigerator. *The Freezer compartment remains switched on.

The fridge freezer includes a SabbathMode which enables the fridge freezer lighting, sounds, noises and the display to all be switched off. *After 80 hours, the SabbathMode deactivates.

This appliance features a Power Failure Alarm to enable your fridge freezer and stored items to be kept safe. This alarm is audible and visual so you will be alerted quickly. The display will show the highest temperature reached in the fridge and freezer compartments so you are informed of the issue clearly. However, you will never be alerted unnecessarily, as if there is no critical rise in temperature during an abrupt power failure, the alarm will not be activated.

The handy Door Alarm will audibly and visually alert you if the appliance door has been left open to protect your stored items. You can adjust your settings to set your alarm to be triggered after a certain amount of time, for example, after 1,2 or 3 minutes.

This integrated appliance is designed with Liebherr’s SoftSystem which guarantees that your fridge freezer doors close delicately and carefully. This clever system softens door closure so that the appliance door is shut quietly and all items inside are protected. Bottles stored in the inside of the door will be held securely in place so nothing will rattle or wobble.

For the best hygiene and safe protection of stored food, this fridge freezer supplies a replaceable door seal which is easy to clean, as well as to remove and replace.

With the Touch and Swipe Display, you can control your appliance easily with the touch of a finger. Simply select the functions you require, features such as Liebherr’s SuperCool, on the colour display by tapping and swiping. You can also manage the temperature of the appliance just as easily, and when you are not actively using the display, the actual temperature will be shown.

This fridge freezer features a Display Lock which will ensure that the settings on the appliance are not accidentally changed. You can also deactivate the display lock whenever you require.

This brilliant appliance allows you to set your fridge freezer to your language. Once you start up the appliance, just select from twelve languages on the display and you can then operate your appliance in the language of your choice.

You can now retrofit your appliance with Liebherr’s SmartDeviceBox which enables you to connect your Liebherr fridge freezer to the internet. The SmartDeviceBox can be installed easily and in just a few steps, offering you endless digital possibilities for you and your appliance.

This appliance operates very quietly as all refrigeration components such as compressors, fans, evaporators and valves are cleverly advanced and adapted to not make any noise. This is Liebherr’s SuperSilent and is an outstanding feature in this fridge freezer.

Description From Manufacture
General product information 
Model typeIntegrable fridge-freezer with BioFresh Professional and SmartFrost
Output and consumption 
Energy efficiency classC
Energy consumption per year145 kWh/a
Climate classSN-T
Noise level34 dB
RefrigerantR 600a
Voltage220-240 V ~
Frequency50-60 Hz
Connection rating1.4 A
Control and functions 
Control2,4“ TFT colour display, Touch & Swipe display
Control unitTouch & Swipe
Number of temperature zones3
Number of regulated refrigeration circuits2
Temperature displayFridge, freezing compartment& BioFresh safe
SuperCoolAdjustable on appliance and via app
SuperFrostAdjustable on appliance and via app
Door alarm, coolingAdjustable on appliance and via app
Door alarm, freezingAdjustable on appliance and via app
BottleTimerAdjustable on app
Connectivity solutionretrofittable
NightModeAdjustable on app
Display lockAdjustable on appliance
Refrigerator compartment 
Adjustable temperature range, refrigerator compartment+3 °C to +9 °C
Moisture regulationDuoCooling
Refrigerator compartment climate zonesBioFresh with HydroBreeze / Fish & Seafood safe / Fruit & Vegetable safe / Meat & Dairy safe
Freshness technologyBioFreshProfessional
Number of BioFresh safes2
Of which on castors0
Interior light of BioFresh safeLED light
extendible on telescopic rails
with SoftTelescopic
Variable uses as Fruit & Vegetable safe or Meat & Dairy safe1
Defrosting methodautomatic
Forced air cooling
FreshAir filterin valve
Pull-out system drawer, refrigerator compartmentFully-extendible telescopic rails with self-closing mechanism and soft stop mechanism
Illumination cooling compartmentLight panel, both sides
Number of storage shelves, refrigerator compartment6
Of which separable1
of which height-adjustable4
OpenStage drawers
Bottle storageIntegrated
Bottle rack1
Number of can racks2
Butter dish
Egg trayVariable
Number of FlexSystems1
Storage rackBottle and can rack
Height-adjustable inner door shelfGradual adjustment
Freezer compartment 
Temperature range freezer compartment-15 °C to -26 °C
Cooling technologySmartFrost
Freezer compartment positionBottom
Defrosting methodmanual
Storage time in case of fault according to GS *9 h
Freezing capacity in 24 hours according to GS *4 kg / 24h
No. of drawers in freezer compartment2
FrostSafeDrawers closed on all sides with transparent front
Drawer pull-out system, freezer compartmentDrawer on safety glass
Interior light, freezer compartmentLED light
4-star freezer compartment door
Number of glass shelves, 4-star freezer compartment0
IceMaker safe lighting
Ice cube trayIce cube tray with lid
Number of ice cube trays1
Number of water filters0
Number of cold storage accumulators2
Freezer tray1
Design and Materials 
Dry rear panel
Material dry back wallstainless steel with SmartSteel
Inner door décorSmartSteel
Design of inner door rackPremium GlassLine
Material door shelvesGlass with stainless steel trim
Storage shelf material, refrigerator compartmentGlass
Material of adjustable shelves in the freezer compartmentGlass
Door materialSteel
Set-up and installation 
Type of installationDesigned for integrated use
Door assemblyFixed door
Max. kitchen unit door weight18/12
Door hingesRight reversible
Door hinge replacementPossible for customer
Door opening angle115°
Door sealReplaceable
Height-adjustable feet2
Levelling bars
Number of levelling bars2
VentilationVentilation grates
Connector cable (length)2,200 mm
Aperture dimensions height/width/depth177.2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm
Height / Width / Depth (with packaging)1,829.0 / 572.0 / 622.0 mm
Dimensions H/W/D177 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
Weight (without packaging)74.9 kg
Weight (with packaging)78.9 kg
Total volume **254 l
Volume, refrigerator compartments200 l
of which BioFresh68.1 l
Volume, freezer compartments54 l
Of which 4-star compartment54.4 l
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