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Miele 12014200 WACCO0603L 6-Pack Caps Collection Trial Package with Selected Capsule Types, EasyOpen, for all Miele Washing Machines

Miele 12014200 WACCO0603L 6-Pack Caps Collection Trial Package with Selected Capsule Types, EasyOpen, for all Miele Washing Machines

Model: 12014200
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Miele 12014200 WACCO0603L 6-Pack Caps Collection Trial Package with Selected Capsule Types, EasyOpen, for all Miele Washing Machines
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The Miele 12014200 WACCO0603L is a 6-pack Caps Collection trial package with selected capsule types. These eco-friendly detergent caps have been specially designed for all Miele Washing Machines to provide exceptional results. 

This collection features Miele’s DownCare, CottonRepair, WoolCare, Booster, Aqua and Sport detergent caps for perfect wash results. The CottonRepair detergent cap will help restore the fibres in your garments. And, the Booster cap offers effective stain removal properties for spotless results. With the Aqua fabric softener, you can enjoy freshly scented laundry. 

Capsules with pull-tag lid

Using Miele capsules is easy: the CapDosing function allows your Miele W1 washing machine to dispense the contents at the perfect moment during the wash process – completely automatically. The capsules simply need to be placed in the fabric conditioner compartment. Miele capsules can also be opened using the practical pull-tag lid, allowing them to be used in other washing machine models. The user simply adds the contents to the detergent drawer.

Soft and cuddly laundry

Miele fabric conditioner - for soft and cuddly laundry to cosset you.

CapDosing portioned dispensing

Would you like to achieve perfect wash results on items requiring special treatment, such as woollens or outdoor clothing, with very little effort? There are now Miele Caps for this. These small portioned capsules are simply used in the fabric softener compartment. The Miele washing machine dispenses the content of the caps at the ideal moment – completely automatically.

Perfect results

Optimum interaction of detergent and washing machine: Simply perfect laundry care.

Sport special-purpose detergent

Whether you’re running, cycling or hiking, synthetic textiles are subject to heavy wear and tear and require hygienic care. Miele’s sport detergent reliably and effectively removes unpleasant odours thanks to a neutralising agent. At the same time, the fibres of your sportswear, functional and outdoor clothing are protected. In the process, the membrane function is completely preserved. This means that your clothing is always in tip-top shape.


Black fabrics require special care. Miele’s UltraDark detergent has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of dark laundry. Thanks to colour-preserving surfactants, your favourite clothes are gently and carefully cleaned – without the colour fading. The anti-pilling cellulase removes cotton bobbles quickly and naturally. As a result, you will enjoy clean laundry that is well-cared for. For clothes that look like new.

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing: Effective from 30 °C – lower temperatures are more eco-friendly. Fill the washing machine as full as possible – except when washing delicates. Adapt the detergent quantity to the water hardness and level of soiling. Regularly run a 60 °C wash programme with settings for white laundry. Leave the washing machine open between programmes. Wash bed linen at 60 °C or more if someone in your home is allergic to dust.

Material cycle

The plastic for producing Miele capsule cups consists of 100 % recycled plastic. This is processed beforehand and then put into the production process. The capsules can also be recycled once they have been used. This results in a closed material cycle without the need to add any new plastic.

Capsules – for optimum dispensing

Special fabrics require special care and cleaning. Miele capsules are ideal for any special application. Each capsule contains exactly the right amount of detergent for a washing cycle with the right load size. This also means that there is no risk of adding too little detergent. Your garments are always thoroughly cleaned and cared for – without wasting detergent.

100% recycled plastic

Our goal is to minimise the burden on the environment as much as possible. For this reason, our packaging, including our capsule cups, for example, is made from 100% recycled plastic. After being disposed of by consumers via a recycling system, the capsule pods are sorted, cleaned and reprocessed into new plastic granules. These are used to make new packaging – a complete cycle to protect the environment.

Miele detergents – effective and eco-friendly

Looking for an effective but eco-friendly way of doing laundry? Miele detergents are the answer. Their special high-performance enzymes do a thorough job of eliminating stains – even at low temperatures. And there’s no need to pre-treat or post-treat laundry items, saving water and protecting the environment. In fact, these detergents clean your clothing so gently that you’ll need to buy new items less often.


WoolCare offers the perfect feel-good programme for sensitive natural fibres, such as wool, cashmere and silk. The special Miele detergent creates a carpet of soft foam during the wash cycle. This is placed between the honeycomb drum and the clothes to protect your laundry. The wheat proteins contained also provide gentle and long-lasting fibre care.

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