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Miele G5260SCVi Active Plus Fully Integrated Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings - 59.8cm Wide

Miele G5260SCVi Active Plus Fully Integrated Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings - 59.8cm Wide

Model: G5260-SCVI-CLST
SKU: 100324059
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Miele G5260SCVi Active Plus Fully Integrated Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings - 59.8cm Wide
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Key Features
2 years parts and labour (Subject to registration)
Key Features
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)- 80.5 x 59.8 x 57 cm 
    • Ideal for medium-sized households (14 place settings)
    • Energy rating: C
    • QuickPowerWash- perfect results in less than one hour. 
    • Ideal for open plan living
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Hot Water Connection- save up to 50% more electricity. 
    • Fresh Water Dishwasher- from 6 litres in the Automatic programme. 
    • Height-adjustable upper basket- offers maximum versatility.

The Miele G5260SCVi Active Plus is a fully integrated dishwasher with the latest innovations. This exceptional dishwasher offers the best results with flexible and practical loading solutions for all your different styles of dishes.

This appliance features the AutoOpen Drying function which will automatically open the dishwasher door at the end of a programme cycle once your dishes are completely dry. The ComfortClose feature offers easy access to your dishwasher as you can effortlessly open and close your appliance door. And, the door will remain in the position of your choice to enable easy loading. 

With Miele’s Proven Hygiene, this dishwasher guarantees to remove over 99.9% of viruses for hygienically clean dishes. *According to certification by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology with respect to the removal of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (e.g. coronaviruses, influenza viruses or noroviruses) in the tested Hygiene and Intensive programmes, in all cases using PowerDisk/UltraTabs. Details on the test criteria can be found at www.miele.com/g7000-c.

This appliance will provide the best protection for your home with the Guaranteed Water Protection system. Miele offers a safety guarantee if you ever have damage to your property as a result of a defect in the system. In the context of the terms and conditions of the WaterProof system, Miele will bear the costs for property damage resulting from any defect of the system as long as the appliance was professionally installed. *7 . For details please refer to our warranty terms and conditions for water protection.

The 3D MultiFlex Tray in this dishwasher will provide you with maximum flexibility so your appliance can now accommodate even small items such as espresso cups. The tray has a sunken central section and two side sections. The left hand section can be pushed to the right to create space for tall wine glasses in the upper basket, and the depth of the right hand-section can be adjusted to easily hold large items of cutlery and small items of crockery. *4 . Patent: DE102008062761B3, EP2433549B1. 

This dishwasher features Miele’s FlexLine baskets which have been cleverly designed to fit all types of dishes. The baskets can be pulled out safely from any angle with the elegant handle, and your cups will sit securely on the FlexCare cup rack’s non-slip surface. The silicone buffers in the FlexCare glass holder will safely care for your wine glasses. And, the bowls will fit perfectly into the split hinged row of spikes. 

Featuring Miele’s GlassCare, your delicate glassware is effortlessly cleaned. The Gentle programme will clean your dishes at 45°C and will provide the best protection. And, the FlexCare glass holder with silicone padding will hold your wine glasses gently and securely. This outstanding dishwasher will ensure that your glasses do not need to be polished manually after a cycle, and the perfectly matched cleaning products with glass protection formula will provide the best possible care. *5 . Depending on model.

With the brilliant Half Load feature, this dishwasher will adapt it's consumption to provide you with outstanding results. In almost all standard programmes, your dishwasher will measure how many dishes are inside the chamber and precisely adapt the water consumption accordingly. And with the automatic load sensing, this appliance will no longer need to wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded. 

The G5260SCVi can be connected to a hot water connection at a temperature of up to 60°C to save up to 50% electricity. This dishwasher offers a variety of features to help with energy consumption for the best performance. The Gentle programme will reduce the running times by up to 10%, and the ECO programme will reduce the energy consumption to as little as 0.45 kWh. *3 . In the gentle programme.

This excellent dishwasher includes Miele’s EcoPower technology to reduce water consumption to 8.9 litres. This means that less energy is required to heat the water, and you will benefit from an energy-efficient dishwasher. You can save water through the clever design of the supply system and a new, highly efficient filter system. And, the additional insulation will reduce thermal losses, ensuring the amount of energy required to heat the water is achieved. 

The Automatic programme can wash your crockery with as little as 6 litres of water which is much less than the contents of a sink. This brilliant feature has enabled Miele to reduce water consumption by 85% over the last 30 years. And, this dishwasher will achieve energy consumption values of 0.67kWh. 

With the SensorDry function, this dishwasher will intelligently adapt the programme to provide excellent drying results and prevent damage to your kitchen furniture. The sensor will check the load and measure the temperature inside the chamber and the room temperature to then adapt accordingly. An example would be that the function will modify the final rinse temperature. This will stop condensation from forming on cabinets, reduce energy consumption and running time without affecting drying. 

This exceptional appliance offers 8 unique programmes to complete your requirements. The Automatic All-round programme is perfect for crockery that is not sensitive to heat, for example, mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits. With the Gentle programme, your heat-sensitive crockery will be provided with the best care as items that are slightly dirty will be spotless. The Intensive 75°C feature will ensure that pots and pans are cleaned residue-free, and the Express feature will reduce the length of a programme by up to 50%. The intelligent Eco programme will guarantee minimal consumption as this function is ideal for mixed loads. In combination with the tailored All in 1 UltraTabs, the QuickPowerWash programme will achieve the best possible cleaning drying results for soiled crockery in 58 minutes. These specially crafted tabs take 2-3 minutes to dissolve and will enable the cleaning performance to begin right at the start of the wash cycle. This dishwasher features Miele’s ExtraDry function to achieve perfect drying results for glassware and plastic items through the extended drying phase and increased final rinse temperature. With the ExtraClean feature, you can improve cleaning of your utensils and crockery by increasing the main wash temperature and with a thorough pre-wash.

Information From Manufacturer
Fully integrated dishwasher
60 cm dishwasher
Control panel colourStainless Steel.
Control panel versionFully integrated fascia
Control typeProgramme selector button
Display3-digit 7-segment display
Display colourYellow
Door closing aidComfortClose
Time left display
Delay start up to 24 hours
In-operation indicator lightacoustic
Energy efficiency class (A–G)C
Water consumption in the Automatic programme in l from6.00
Water consumption of the ECO programme in litres per programme cycle8.90
Electricity consumption in the ECO programme in kWh0.74
Energy consumption of the ECO programme in kWh after 100 programme cycles74
Consumption value in kWh in the ECO programme with hot water connection0.52
Duration of ECO programme in minutes238
Noise emission classC
Noise emissions in dB(A)45
EcoPower Technology
Proven hygiene
Hot water connection
Half load
Fresh water dishwasher
Recirculation Turbothermic drying
Active condensation drying
Intensive 75 °C
Extra Clean
Extra dry
Cutlery loading3D MultiFlex tray
FlexCare cup rack1
Basket designComfort
Number of place settings14
Waterproof system
Niche width minimal in mm600
Niche width max in mm600
Niche height minimal in mm805
Niche height maximal in mm870
Niche depth in mm550
Appliance width in mm598
Appliance height in mm805
Appliance depth in mm550
Depth with door open in cm116.50
Net weight in kg44.00
Total rated load in kW2.00
Voltage in V230
Fuse rating in A10
Number of phases1
Electrical frequency standard50
Length of water inlet hose in m1.50
Length of water drain hose in m1.50
Length of supply lead in m1.80
Min. front panel weight in kg4.00
Max. front panel weight in kg11.00
[can be retrofitted by Service to min.]8.00
[can be retrofitted by Service to max.]16.00