Samsung NZ84F7NC6AB 80cm Electric Induction Hob with 4 Burner

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  • Warranty 1 years parts and labour,Subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
  • Model:NZ84F7NC6AB
  • SKU:100255189

Samsung NZ84F7NC6AB Electric Induction Hob with four burners caters to the crowd with its burners, Power Boost function, and flexible Anydish Cooking Zone. The hob comprises of big 80 cm wide surface, which provided you with all your cookware requirements. This NEO induction cooktop of wide surface means that you do not need to shuffle the cookware around when you prepare multiple dishes.

The Samsung Electric Induction hob minimizes accidents instantly with Quick Stop function on NEO Induction Cooktop. You can turn off the burners with just a touch of your finger to discontinue pots to boil excessively. You can actually have stress-free cooking with Quick Stop feature as it ensures you to safely walk away from the kitchen.

The cooking Zone on NEO induction Cooktop possesses a big burner, which is specifically designed to accommodate big pots. It is just perfect for one-pot meal as well as cooking for lot of people. You can instantly boil water for savory soups, pasta, or for any of your secretive chili recipe easily.

In addition to this, the NEO Induction Cooktop feature of this Samsung appliance houses a flexible Anydish Zone. Particularly, this area is a huge rectangular shaped surface at the left hand side of Cooktop that has been designed to fit in manifold pots or pans of various shapes and sizes at once. It is quite flexible to manage large cookware.

The spontaneous Sliding Control feature on the NEO Induction Cooktop permits the user to instantaneously manage cooking temperature along with suitable display panel for enhanced control. You need to just touch your finger at the control panel to accurately set and adjust the level of heat of every cooking zone.

When putting cookware centrally on every cooking zone, NZ84F7NC6AB auto-detection specification verifies whether the diameter and size is apt for that zone or not. If the selected pan or pot is not as much as 60% of the zone, this cooktop spots error and aware you with a notification to choose other cookware alternative.

Last but not the least; Samsung NZ84F7NC6AB saves your time and energy because of the Power Boost function. This specification makes extra power available to every cooking zone for rapid enhancement of heat, which will cut down the entire cooking time.


  • Take pleasure in the lavishness of cooking on spacious 80 cm cooktop
  • Manifold pots and pans is not an issue in Anydish zone
  • Put an immediate end to pans which boils over with Quick Stop
  • For one-pot meals and bigger dishes use the Big Burner


  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Surface: Ceramic Glass


  • Display Type: LED (Red)
  • Frame: 3 Bevelled
  • Control Method: Sliding & Direct Access
  • Model Type Install: Built-in


  • Total Power (Elec): 7.2 kW
  • 145mm: 1.2 kW
  • 280mm: 2.4 kW
  • Flex Zone: 3.3 kW


  • Number of Burner: 4 EA
  • Type: Induction


  • Weight (Gross): 18.7 kg
  • Package (W x H x D): 900 mm x 137 mm x 582 mm
  • Cutout (W x H x D): W750 mm x D490 mm
  • Net (WxHxD): 800 mm x 56 mm x 520 mm
  • Weight (Net): 15.5 kg
  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft): 360 / 780