Samsung VG-SMN2000F floor stand

Key Features

  •  Perfectly compatible with your Samsung TV and AirTrack
  • A sleeker and lighter look with tripod design

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    • Model:VGSMN2000FXC
    • SKU:100266576

    Product Description

    As well as providing strong support and stability for your TV, the Samsung floor stand also enhances the sleekness of your television.

    Three slender legs combine to form a sturdy tripod that lifts your TV into midair emphasizing its lightweight shape without adding on any bulk.

    The stand is also adjustable, so you can easily raise or lower the height of the screen to give you the best viewpoint possible.

    It s better viewing for you and a superior look for your TV.

    Compatible with 2013 F5000-8500 and F9000 (40 - 55 ) TVs, 2013 F750/751, F550/551, F450, F350/355, 2012 E350/450 sound bars.

    Product Features

    Stand Type TV Stand
    Compatible TV Size 55
    Number of shelves 0
    Height in mm 1200.4
    Width in mm 941.0
    Depth in mm 577.0