Trade in your old large electrical appliance and save up to £100 on new Siemens appliances.

*Offer applies to selected models only at participating retailers.

Promotion Dates: 12.04.2017 - 06.06.2017. Terms and Conditions apply.


See below for the full list of participating models.


CategoryModel numberTrade in value up to
Dishwasher SN258W06TG £70
Dishwasher SN278I36TE £100
Dishwasher SN236I01MG £50
Dishwasher SN236W00MG £50
Dishwasher SN236W00IG £50
Dishwasher SN236W01MG £50
Dishwasher SN236W00MG £50
Slimline Dishwasher SN236W01IG £50
Slimline Dishwasher SR26T897EU £50
Built in Dishwasher SN658D02MG £70
Built in Dishwasher SN678D01TG £100
Built in Dishwasher SN636X00KG £50


CategoryModel numberTrade in value up to
Washing Machine WM12N200GB £30
Washing Machine WM14N200GB £30
Washing Machine WM14W590GB £50
Washing Machine WM16W590GB £50
Washing Machine WM14N190GB £50
Washing Machine WM14T391GB £50
Washing Machine WM14W750GB £70
Washing Machine WMH4Y790GB £70
Washing Machine WMH6Y790GB £70
Washing Machine WMH4Y890GB £100
Washing Machine WM14U640GB £150
Washing Machine WM14Q478G £50
Tumble Dryer WT47U640GB £150
Tumble Dryer WT45N200GB £30
Tumble Dryer WT46G491GB £50
Tumble Dryer WT46W491GB £100
Tumble Dryer WT47W590GB £70
Tumble Dryer WT4HY790GB £100
Tumble Dryer WT45H200GB £50
Freestanding washer dryer WD14H421GB £100
Freestanding washer dryer WD15G421GB £50
Built-in washer dryer WK14D541GB £100


CategoryModel numberTrade in value up to
Freezer GS36DPI20 £100
Freezer GS36NAI31 £70
Freezer GS36NVI30G £50
Fridge Freezer KG33VVI31G £50
Fridge Freezer KG36VVI32G £50
Fridge Freezer KG39NXB35G £150
Fridge Freezer KG36NHI32 £150
Single Door Fridge KS36VVI30G £50
Single Door Fridge KS36VAI41G £70
Fridge Freezer KG34NVI30G £50
Fridge Freezer KG34NVI20G £50
Fridge Freezer KG36DVI30G £70
Fridge Freezer KG39FPI35 £100
Fridge Freezer KG49NAI32G £70
Fridge Freezer KG39VVI31G £50
Fridge KS36WPI30 £100
Fridge KS36FPI30 £100


CategoryModel numberTrade in value up to
Compact Oven CF634AGS1B £70
Compact Oven CM633GBS1B £70
Single Oven HB672GBS1B £70
Compact Oven CM676GBS6B £70
Single Oven HB676GBS6B £70
Compact Oven CM678G4S6B £100
Single Oven HB678GBS6B £100
Double oven HB13MB521B £100
Single Oven HB632GBS1B £70
Flex Induction ED677FSB1E £30
Induction Hob HB632GBS1B £30
Induction Hob EU631BEF1B £30
Gas Hob EC6A5PB90 £30


Terms and Conditions

1) The Siemens Trade-In and Save up to £100 Promotion will run from 12.04.2017 to 06.06.2017 inclusive, and incorporates savings across selected Siemens home appliances in participating stores and on participating models (the “Promotion”).

2) This Promotion is a consumer only promotion and shall not apply to purchases of graded, seconds, replacements and imperfect products or business-to-business or to trade/contract sales.

3) No other promotions can be claimed in conjunction with Trade in.

4) The Promotion applies only to the Siemens home appliances listed on this form (the “Model”) purchased from a participating retailer between 12.04.2017 to 06.06.2017 (inclusive).

5) Suggested savings and participating models within the Promotion are indicated in the table above

6) The saving is at the discretion of each individual retailer.

7) The Trade In value will only be given when consumer trades in a large electrical home appliance and will be deducted at point of purchase unless purchased at,, or where it will be refunded via automatic retrospective Cashback within 28 days of the old appliance being collected.

8) It is the responsibility of the retailer to collect the traded-in appliance and dispose ethically according to the WEEE directive. Recycling charges may apply from the individual retailer.

9) The saving is at the discretion of each individual retailer.

10) The Siemens Trade-In Promotional activity is subject to availability.

11) There is no cash alternative.

12) The Promotion is open to UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man residents only.

13) The Promoter reserves the right to extend, withdraw or alter the terms of this Promotion due to circumstances beyond its control.

The Promotion is subject to the laws of England and Wales. Personal data collected for purposes of Promotion will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Promoter’s privacy policy, available at

14) The Promoter/Data Controller is Siemens home appliances, a division of BSH Home Appliances Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company registration no. 01844007, and whose registered office is at Grand Union House, Old Wolverton Road, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK12 5PT.