WHIRLPOOL AWM730NB Absolute Built In Microwave Oven- Black

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  • Model:AWM730NB
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Slotting neatly into your kitchen units, the 31-litre capacity Whirlpool AMW730NB microwave's has a sleek black design. There are 8 power levels to choose from, with innovative 6th sense technology detecting the level of humidity in your food before adapting the power and cooking time to achieve the best results.The sleek black frontage will impress in any kitchen and a 3-dimensional heat distribution system that ensures evenly-cooked dishes every time.

We love the clever Crisp function that works with a combination of 3 components: a special Crisp plate with a ferrite bottom, the 3D microwave distribution system and the built-in grill. The Crisp plate is heated up extremely quickly by microwaves coming from the lower part of the cavity. The grill heats up the upper part of the dish, while microwaves from the top of the cavity speed up the cooking process – the result is fast, effective cooking with a professional-looking finish.

  • 6th Sense
  • Crisp Function with Crisp Plate and Handle
  • Child Lock
  • Minute Minder Timer

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    Door openingHandle
    Additional cooking method Fan cookingNo
    Additional cooking method GrillYes
    TimerMinute minder
    Connection rating (W)2300
    Additional cooking method ConventionalNo
    Length of electrical supply cord (cm)135
    Current (A)10
    Depth of the product468
    Niche depth550
    Depth of the packed product628
    Grill power (W)800
    Type of grillQuartz
    Height of the product385
    Cavity height200
    Maximum niche height380
    Minimum niche height380
    Height of the packed product506
    Maximum micro-wave power (W)1000
    Turntable diameter (mm)325
    Gross weight (kg)29
    Net weight (kg)27
    Width of the product595
    Cavity width405
    Maximum niche width568
    Minimum niche width556
    Width of the packed product653
    Capacity (l)31
    Construction TypeBuilt-in
    Type of controlElectronic
    Type of micro-wave ovenMW+Grill function

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