Whirlpool WHSS90FTSK 90cm T-Shape Chimney Hood

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    • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:WHSS90FTSK
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    Whirlpool W Collection WHSS90FTSK 90cm A++ Cooker Hood

    Beautifully designed to make a feature of your cooking area whilst providing brilliant extraction with maximum rate of 800 m3/hr, the Whirlpool WHSS 90F TS K Hood is eye-catching and exceptionally powered. The CookSense function automatically tailors the hood’s power for an odour-free kitchen. AirSense freshens the air from odours and particles no matter what you're cooking, so your kitchen is the perfect place to relax. Enjoy a unique LED lighting system that auto-adjusts for the perfect illumination with LightSense. Featuring a stylish design, the Whirlpool WHSS 90F TS K Hood fits into every décor and provides a neat and consistent finish to perfectly integrate with the whole W Collection range.

    Strip LED Light
    Illuminates the cooktop surface at best without any waste of energy

    Air Sense
    The perfect way to keep a kitchen smelling fresh and clean without any effort. It even continues working after the cooking has stopped. AirSense is able to detect not only cooking odours but also non-cooking odours such as cleaning solvents and cigarette smoke etc. Intuitively and automatically activating and adapting to cleanse the air and keep unwanted smells and dirt at bay.

    Zen Mode
    Providing the ideal balance between performance and silence, Whirlpool’s ZenMode ensures the hood is powerful enough to keep the air fresh and clean while making the kitchen a quieter, more enjoyable place for cooking and socialising.

    Electronic Control
    This Whirlpool Hood includes an intuitive electronic user interface, designed to provide you with the simplest, most satisfying user experience ever.

    Stainless Steel Filter
    This Whirlpool Hood includes a stainless steel purifying air filter, that effectively protects your kitchen from odours and grease.

    6th Sense Technology
    The exclusive 6th SENSE technology allows your hood to dynamically adjust its energy consumption, based on what you are cooking.

    This Whirlpool Hood features an extraction booster, that ensures ideal air filtration and odour and grease aspiration.

    Super Silent
    This Whirlpool Hood is designed to operate at low noise levels, so you can enjoy some extra peace and quiet.

    W Collection Aesthetic
    A Masterpiece of Design. Whirlpool understands the importance of craftsmanship and carefully honed details. The timeless design of the W Collection complements any style of kitchen, while the matching appliances blend seamlessly with each other to create a sublimely eye-catching coordinated look. Even the gleaming finishes are engineered for easy cleaning, so fingerprints and smudges become a thing of the past. From the platinum chromed logo to the tinted glass and sophisticated edge-to-edge metal band, every detail has been designed to delight and enhance the overall Whirlpool experience.

    Wall Mount Installation
    This wall-mounted Whirlpool Hood is a breeze to install.

    Light Tone
    Adjust brightness and tone for a perfectly lit kitchen. Select the right lighting through the new LightTone.

    Dimmer Light
    The right setting for any occasion, switching light to maximum brightness.

    Night Light
    Night Light creates a special environment also ensuring security and safety in the kitchen. Controllable from the user interface the nightlight is an excellent courtesy light at night with an extra secondary side led perfect for infusing subtle light in the kitchen.

    Hood Type Chimney
    Energy Class Class A++
    Colour Black
    Control Type Electronic
    Air Extraction Type Extraction & recirculation
    Intensive Mode Yes
    Maximum Recirculation Rate 559 cu.m/h
    Maximum Extraction Rate 779 cu.m/h
    Total Motor Power 160 W
    Voltage 220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Noise Level 57 dB
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 89.8 cm x 32 cm x 110 cm
    Weight 23.2 kg