BOSCH TDA5606GB Sensixx B4 Power II Steam Iron

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  • Warranty 2 years parts and labour,subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
  • Model:TDA5606GB
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BOSCH TDA5606GB Sensixx B4 Allstar Ii 2500W,150G Steam Iron

Make ironing less of a chore with the Bosch Sensixx B4 TDA5606GB. Special features help you smooth out creases, quickly and without fuss.

Ceramic Soleplate

High quality soleplates help an iron glide more easily across fabrics and remove creases. The TDA5606GB comes with a PalladiumGlissée ceramic soleplate, which helps distribute the steam effectively and flattens wrinkles with ease.

The tip of the plate is specially designed to get into difficult areas of clothing and smooth out the fabric.

Iron Your Way

Whether you want to steam iron or not, the TDA5606GB has you covered. Variable steam settings and the ability to apply a 150 g shot of steam means even the most stubborn creases are removed in an instant.

Easy Ironing Features

The TDA5606GB has some great features that make ironing less of a chore. The DripStop feature independently monitors the temperature of the water flow. If the water becomes too cool, the DripStop feature kicks in, stopping water flowing and preventing water droplets falling onto the garments.

A handy temperature ready indicator lets you know when the water is hot enough for you to start.

If you’re having an ironing marathon, you’ll appreciate the rubber, easy grip handle, giving you precise control.

The TDA5606GB also has a three metre long flex. This means you don’t have to iron right next to the power socket, and helps you keep less tension in the cable.

Self Cleaning

A build-up of limescale can be damaging to an appliance, but the TDA5606GB has self-cleaning and AntiCalc features. The self-cleaning feature helps prevent limescale from building up by directing steam onto the soleplate, removing scale deposits.

The AntiCalc cartridge reduces the amount of limescale that builds up during steam ironing, which helps keep the appliance clean and prolongs its life.


Bosch supply the TDA5606GB with a refill beaker to easily top up the reservoir. There is also a fabric protection soleplate cover available, which helps prevent damage and shiny marks on delicate clothes.

When you’re hard pressed to get the chores done, you’ll love the Bosch TDA5606GB. It makes steam ironing quick and easy. Pop one in your shopping basket today.

Title Bosch TDA5606GB Steam Clothes Iron
General Information
Manufacturer The Bosch Group
Brand Name Bosch
Product Model TDA5606GB
Product Name TDA5606GB Clothes Iron
Product Type Clothes Iron
Technical Information
Automatic Shut Off Yes
Reservoir Capacity 300 cc
Anti-calcium System Yes
Cordless No
Cord Length 3 m
Sole Plate Material Palladium Glissée Ceramic
Steam Output 2.4 kg/h
Ironing Method Steam
Status Indicators Temperature ready indicator
Power Description
Power Consumption 2500 W
Physical Characteristics
  • Black
  • White
Retailer Information
Stock Type Agency Product