Wine Coolers

Looking for a great selection of Wine Coolers? For wine lovers a wine cabinet is an essential appliance for your new kitchen. Check out our wide range of Wine Coolers below, with both Freestanding and Integrated models up for grabs. If you only want to store either red or white wine, then a Single Zone Wine Cabinet might be the best option. But if you like different types of wine and entertain often, a Dual Zone or even a Triple Zone Cabinet might suit you better as you can store different wines and champagnes at their optimum temperature for the perfect glass every time. Have a look at our under counter Wine Coolers as well as our upright models to figure out the best design to suit your needs. Many models also come with humidity control, UV resistant glass and anti-vibration technology, so you can be confident that your wine stays in top condition all year round. We currently have a wide range of Wine Coolers available, including Single Zones, Dual Zones and full range Dual Zoned Wine Coolers. Below is a guide that explains the difference between each type.
Single zone wine coolers - If you heavily favour just one type of wine (just reds or just whites), and want to keep your bottles at serving temperature, then a Single-Zone Wine Cooler will be perfect for you.
Dual zone wine coolers - If your collection includes reds and whites, then you will want a Dual-temperature-Zone Wine Cooler. They tend to be more expensive but a Dual-Temperature-Zone model gives you greater flexibility. It means you can have a section for ready-to-serve white wine, and another for either storage or ready-to serve red wine.
Full range dual zone wine coolers - Albeit very similar to Dual Zone Wine Coolers, Full Range Dual Zone Wine Coolers offer you even greater flexibility. They allow you to store any type of wine in any zone, meaning you are not just limited to having red and white, you can have all reds or all whites also if preferred.
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