Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa Built In - Luxe Silver

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Key Features:

  • Fill any room with impressive wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single speaker
  • Millions of songs at the tip of your tongue with Alexa voice control built in
  • Play integrated Wi-Fi music services like Spotify and Music or connect over Bluetooth to play anything from your phone or tablet
  • Experience good voice pickup from a custom-designed eight-microphone array that hears you over loud music or across the room
  • Control comes easily with three different ways to manage what you hear-voice, tapping the top controls or via the Bose Music app

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    Bose Home Speaker 500 fills any room with powerful sound. Inside the speaker, two custom drivers point in opposite directions to bounce sound off the walls, creating a soundstage wider than any other smart speaker. Voice control from Alexa is built in, which gives you access to millions of songs, playlists, Internet radio stations and more. All you have to do is say the words and the music starts playing. When the music’s playing loud, the Bose Home Speaker 500 will still hear you. Just under the top is a custom-designed eight-microphone array for good voice pickup. But control doesn’t stop at just voice—start and stop the music with the top controls or manage it all from the Bose Music app. When it comes to what you want to hear, there are plenty of options, too. Access integrated music services like Spotify and Music at the touch of a button. You can set up to six different presents for playlists, Internet radio stations and more. Or connect over Bluetooth to play anything from your phone or tablet. And the colour LCD display will show you what’s playing, like the current song, station, playlist info, album art and more. Alexa integration doesn’t stop at just audio benefits. You’ll also have access to things like weather reports and news headlines. So if you want to hear something, just ask. It also includes control of compatible smart home devices, all with the sound of your voice. The Bose Home Speaker 500 looks as good as it sounds, too with a seamless, anodised aluminium body that gives the speaker a refined finish. It’s part of a new Bose family of smart speakers and sound bars designed to grow with you, so you can enjoy more music in more rooms. This speaker is not compatible with Sound Touch speakers. Available in Triple Black or Lux Silver.

    Box Contains

    Bose Home Speaker 500;Power cord; Global safety sheet


    How do I set up the Bose Home Speaker 500?

    Simply download the Bose Music app on your device, plug in the speaker and open the app to get started. The app will guide you through setting up your account on the speaker, adding your account information for your favourite music services and adding Amazon Alexa to the product (where available).

    Is the Bose Home Speaker 500 compatible with Bose SoundTouch speakers?

    No. The Bose Home Speaker 500 uses the new Bose Music app for setup, control and music browsing, while Bose SoundTouch products use the SoundTouch app.

    What sources can I play music from?

    The Bose Home Speaker 500 can play music directly from streaming music services over Wi-Fi®, controlled either by Amazon Alexa (where available) or using the Bose Music app. The Bose Home Speaker 500 also has Bluetooth® capability and a standard 3.5-mm auxiliary line-in jack. Additionally, you can play music on the Bose Home Speaker 500 from the Spotify® app on a smartphone, tablet or computer using Spotify® Connect. And coming soon: Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility for streaming content like Apple Music from Apple devices.

    Does the Bose Home Speaker 500 play Apple Music?

    Yes. Apple Music can be accessed over Bluetooth® and Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility is coming soon.

    How can I control the music playing on the speaker?

    You can initiate and control content on the Bose Home Speaker 500 using the Bose Music app, the buttons on the speaker or your voice (via Amazon Alexa, where available). You can also control the speaker using Spotify® Connect (through the Spotify app). AirPlay 2 compatibility for added control from Apple devices is coming soon.

    How do I turn off the microphones on the speaker?

    The microphones on the Bose Home Speaker 500 can be turned off with a single tap of the microphone off button on the top of the product (on the lower left). This button completely cuts power to the microphones so Alexa will not hear any commands. For security reasons, it is not possible to use a voice command or the Bose Music app to turn the microphones on or off; only physically tapping the button can control the microphones. When the microphones are off, this button will always be backlit with a red LED light.

    Can I still play music on the speaker when the microphones are turned off?

    Yes. Although the Bose Home Speaker 500 has Alexa built in, you can also play music from non-Alexa sources, such as integrated Wi-Fi music services available through the Bose Music app and the preset buttons on the product. You can also use a Bluetooth® or auxiliary connection. All of these non-Alexa sources are available independent of whether the microphones are turned off or whether Alexa is installed.

    What is the colour LCD display screen on the product for?

    The LCD display shows information about the content currently playing on the speaker, including album art, track name, artist name, music service information, radio station name, location and more. There is an optional clock setting available in the Bose Music app, which displays the time when the speaker is in standby mode. The display also shows setup and diagnostic information. It does not play video content and is not a touch screen. It will automatically dim based on the brightness of the room and will turn off if content is not playing.

    What does the white bar of light above the LCD display on the product screen do?

    The light bar, located just above the LCD display on the front of the product, shows animations to indicate Alexa behaviours (such as listening, responding etc.), status indications (starting up, downloading and installing updates; connecting to Bluetooth®; button taps) and other statuses.

    Can I use the Bose Home Speaker 500 as a clock or alarm?

    Yes. In the settings menu of the Bose Music app, there is an option to turn on a clock so that the speaker will show the current time on its LCD display screen when it is in standby mode. You can also use Alexa (where available) to ask for timers and alarms.

    Does the Bose Home Speaker 500 have a battery for portable use?

    No. The speaker must be plugged into a wall socket to function.

    Does the Bose Home Speaker 500 have NFC built in?


    Does the Bose Home Speaker 500 include or work with a remote control?

    No. You can control the product from across the room through the use of Alexa voice control (where available) or from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network using the Bose Music app.

    What app should I use to set up and control the Bose Home Speaker 500?

    The Bose Music app is used to set up and control the speaker. Once you’ve set up the speaker with the app, you can also control the speaker with its buttons or with your voice (via Alexa, where available). Certain Alexa-related settings can be managed in Amazon’s Alexa app.

    Can multiple people in my household share the Bose Home Speaker 500?

    Yes. The new Bose Music app is personalised so that multiple users can each have the Bose Music app on their own device and control the speaker with their own music services and favourite content.

    Do I have to use a virtual assistant?

    No. The use of a virtual assistant is optional; you can initiate music from the Bose Music app and other sources without using Alexa. In countries where Alexa is available on the Bose Home Speaker 500, the option to add Alexa can be declined during setup and revisited at any time. You can also remove Alexa from the speaker at any time via the settings menu of the Bose Music app. And when Alexa is installed, the microphones may be turned off at any time with the microphone off button on the speaker.

    What can I do with Alexa on the Bose Home Speaker 500?

    It is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of supported features, because Alexa is constantly evolving, but the integration of Alexa with the new Bose family of smart products will support the vast majority of Alexa functionalities, including music playback, control of smart home devices, setting timers and alarms and general information requests.

    Can I use Alexa to control smart home devices?

    Yes. The various smart home device control abilities of Alexa Skills work on the Bose Home Speaker 500: for instance, “Alexa, set my smart thermostat to 22 degrees” or “Alexa, turn off the lights”.

    TypeVoice controlled speaker
    Speaker unitUnidome transducer x 1
    Frequency50 - 60 Hz
    Voice controlAmazon Alexa
    Range nameBose multi-room system
    Compatible hardwareBose multi-room speakers & sound bars
    App nameBose Music app
    App compatibility- iOS
    - Android
    App featuresPlay music from your device
    Streaming services available- Spotify
    - Amazon Music
    - Pandora
    - TuneIn
    InputsAux-in x 1
    Other connectionsUSB for service/software updates
    Power optionsMains
    Power consumptionStandby: 2 W
    Box contents- Bose Home Speaker 500
    - Mains plug
    Dimensions203 x 169 x 109 mm (H x W x D)
    Weight2.1 kg
    Manufacturer's guarantee2 years

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