• Warranty 1 years parts and labour,Subject to registration within 30 days of delivery

Key Features

  • Dynamic sensor
  • Microwave Jet Start
  • Timer
  • Clock
  • Electronic Type of control
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    • Warranty 1 years parts and labour,Subject to registration within 30 days of delivery
    • Model:KOCCX45600
    • SKU:100302996

    The KitchenAid 45 cm Speed oven offers:
    - 18 Professional functions: Bakery (traditional bread, malt bread, high pizza, thin pizza, savoury cake, baguette), Pastry (choux pastry, croissant, sponge cake, plum cake, short pastry) and Roasting (veal, pork, roast beef rare, roast beef medium, roast chicken, medium leg of lamb, well done leg of lamb and manual)
    - 7 Traditional functions: Reheating, Defrost, Keep warm function, Rising, Slow cooking, Grill, Turbo grill, as well as Grill + microwave
    - 4 Microwave speed functions (jet start, rapid preheat, rapid defrost, turbo grill + microwave)
    - 2 Special functions (keep warm, dough proving, auto reheat, manual defrost, pro bakery, pro pastry, pro roasting)
    You can control the degree of heat your food receives using the oven LCD display. Yet another advantage of this 40-litre oven is the microwave function that speeds up cooking times, so you can cook like a top chef.
    Plus the Speed oven is also equipped with a special temperature probe connected to the oven display so you can check the internal temperature of the food whenever you want. You can program the oven to switch off automatically when the internal temperature of the food being cooked reaches a preset level so you know it’s always cooked to perfection.

    The stainless steel finishes make it easy to clean. Furthermore, the oven comes is equipped with a sealed triple-glazed glass door that keeps the outside cool during cooking and cleaning cycles.
    Nevertheless this Class A+ rated Speed oven perfectly matches the 14 cm tall Warming Drawer 14 CM KWXXX 14600.

    Brand KitchenAid
    Width of the product 595
    Depth of the product 560
    Height of the product 455
    Net weight (kg) 35
    Current (A) 16
    Connection rating (W) 2800
    Minimum niche width 0
    Minimum niche height 0
    Cavity width 450
    Additional cooking method Conventional Yes
    Additional cooking method Grill Yes
    Clock Yes
    Grill power (W) 1600
    Turntable diameter (mm) 0
    Type of grill Heating element
    Additional cooking method Fan cooking Yes
    Cavity capacity (l) 40
    Door opening Drop down
    Maximum micro-wave power (W) 850
    Turntable No
    Type of control Mechanical and electronic
    Type of micro-wave oven MW-Combi