Today's Boombox comes in a wide range of styles with a variety of features. Consider what audio sources you want to listen to and where you want to use your Boombox to find the right one for you. Most Boombox feature CD players. Many offers AM/FM and digital radio access as well. Some still feature cassette player/recorders, which you can use for mix tapes. You'll also find Boombox that let you connect to Portable Boombox, such as iPods and MP3 players, often using Bluetooth.
Other features to pay attention to our range, sound quality, battery life, and durability. Your needs will depend partly on where you plan to use the Boombox. You'll need greater range if you're using the Boombox outside than if you're using it at home. Sound quality will matter more if you're using it to listen to music than if you're keeping it in an employee breakroom for emergencies. Battery life is an important consideration if you'll be using the Boombox outdoors but matters less if you'll be keeping it indoors on a shelf. Durability will matter more at a construction site than in an office.
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