Why e-scooters?

E Scooter at Atlantic Electrics



Why e-scooters?

Green Message: Alternative mode of transport in cities, cutting down emissions. Low charging costs.

Fun and Enjoyable: Have a go! Most e-scooters are maxed at 15.5mph but it feels much faster when you’re on board.

Easy to Maintain: As e-scooters are simple in design this makes for low maintenance. Handlebars, brakes and tyre pressure and tread are the key areas to check when maintaining your e-scooter.

Portability: Foldable/collapsible designs allow for easy carrying. Batteries are heavy though so be aware of weight. Small and easy to store, all have a kickstand. You can even get carry straps and storage bags

Convenient and Time Saver: Hop on hop off, easy to store and perfect for that last-mile commute in cities (within UK laws).



Did you know?

Motorised scooters have been around since the early 1900s! The first ever electric scooter made by Autoped were sold in New York in 1915 and came to the UK a year later.

There was a long gap until the next scooter boom in the 1990s with Lithium-ion batteries the most efficient and eco-friendly to date being invented in 1991. We are now in very exciting times and the future looks like e-scooters are here to stay. In 2021, approximately half a million e-scooters were sold in the UK.

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