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AEG L7WEG161R Freestanding Washer Dryer, 10kg Wash/6kg Dry Load, A Energy Rating, 1600rpm Spin, White

AEG L7WEG161R Freestanding Washer Dryer, 10kg Wash/6kg Dry Load, A Energy Rating, 1600rpm Spin, White

Model: L7WEG161R
SKU: 100360921
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AEG L7WEG161R Freestanding Washer Dryer, 10kg Wash/6kg Dry Load, A Energy Rating, 1600rpm Spin, White
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Key Features
2 years parts and labour (Subject to registration)
Key Features
    • Plug: Uk Moulded
    • Hobs Dimensions:590x520
    • Aperture dimensions HxWxD in mm: 40x560x480
    • Radius cutting: 10
    • Cord Length (m): 1.1
    • Left Front - Power/Diameter: 3900W/128mm
    • Rear - Power/Diameter: 1900W/80mm
    • Right front - Power/Diameter: 1000W/65mm


Introducing the AEG L7WEG161R Freestanding Washer Dryer, a versatile appliance that combines the convenience of a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one compact unit. Let's explore its unique features section by section:

Space-saving Tumble Dryer:
When space is limited, the L7WEG161R comes to the rescue. This freestanding tumble dryer can be conveniently placed anywhere you have available space, whether it's in your kitchen or garage. With a maximum washing load capacity of 10kg (capacity may vary for certain programs) and a drying capacity of up to 6kg, this appliance offers ample room for your laundry needs. It boasts a high spin speed of 1600rpm, ensuring faster drying times.

Tailored Wash with DualSense Technology:
Built with flexibility in mind, this tumble dryer incorporates DualSense Technology and ProSense Technology to provide a customized wash experience that saves time, water, and energy while delivering exceptional results. DualSense Technology adjusts the temperature and drum motion based on the fabric type, allowing delicate garments and outdoor wear to be washed safely in one cycle.

Certified Care for Different Fabrics:
Both the washing and drying cycles of the L7WEG161R are Woolmark Blue certified, assuring gentle yet effective cleaning for delicate hand-wash only woollens. Additionally, a dedicated wash cycle is available for outdoor wear, preserving the integrity of technical fabrics over time. The dedicated dry cycle works to restore water repellence, ensuring your garments remain protected.

ProSense Technology for Efficient Cycles:
Save time, energy, and water consumption with ProSense Technology. This intelligent feature automatically adjusts the duration of washing and drying cycles based on the load size, ensuring efficient and optimized performance regardless of the load's size.

NonStop 60 Minute Programme:
When you're in need of ready-to-wear results quickly, the NonStop 60 Minute programme comes to the rescue. This rapid cycle washes and dries small loads within just one hour, providing you with convenience and efficiency when time is of the essence.

Wash & Dry Mode for Flexibility:
Take control of your laundry routine with the Wash & Dry mode button. Choose between a comprehensive wash and dry cycle, where clothes are cleaned in one go, or select separate wash and dry cycles according to your specific needs and preferences.

Wrinkle Reduction with Steam Programme:
Say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles and excessive ironing with the steam programme. By relaxing the fibers in your clothes, this feature reduces wrinkles, ensuring your garments look and feel better for longer. Additionally, the option to refresh clothes quickly without going through extensive cycles minimizes exposure to temperature and motion, extending their lifespan.

A Energy Rating for Efficiency:
Not only does the L7WEG161R offer convenience and versatility, but it also helps you save on energy bills. With an A Energy Rating, this energy-efficient tumble dryer prioritizes sustainability without compromising performance.

The AEG L7WEG161R Freestanding Washer Dryer brings together the best of both worlds, offering a space-saving solution and a range of features designed to deliver exceptional care for your clothes. Enjoy efficient washing and drying cycles, tailored programs for different fabrics, and the convenience of a versatile appliance that meets your daily needs.
Information From Manufacturer


  • Washing capacity: 10 kg
  • Drying capacity: 6,0 kg
  • 1600 RPM spin speed
  • Cotton programmes: Includes cotton economy, cotton & prewash, and cotton drying
  • Synthetic programmes: Includes synthetic wash and synthetic drying
  • Delicate programmes: Includes delicate wash and delicate rinses
  • Wool plus programme: The only wool programme in the market with a cool down at the end of the wash phase preventing chill-shock when the cold rinse begins, ensuring shrinkage is minimised.
  • Easy iron programme: By keeping your wash load moving and using a cool down phase with cold water, this programme protects delicate and synthetic fabrics from developing permanent creases.
  • Drying time option
  • Extra rinse option
  • Stain action option: The stain option allows you to use stain remover in the pre-wash compartment of the detergent drawer, it is then added at the correct stage of the wash cycle.
  • Sensitive option: Designed specifically for people who are extra sensitive to dust and pollen. Works on cotton and synthetic programmes where fabric is gently moved around and has an extra rinse option so particles are rinsed out effectively.
  • Aqua control and alarm: Aqua Control is an internal system which monitors the water level to detect leakage.
  • Automatic child safety: Keypads can be locked to ensure temperatures and programme selections cannot be changed - making certain your laundry is always safe.
  • A class wash performance


  • Drum volume: 69
  • Motor System: Permanent Magnet
  • Washing Capacity, Kg: 10